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The Go and Grow Podcast is where you’ll learn from inspiring entrepreneurs and industry leaders about how they launched their companies, products, and campaigns and the marketing and growth tactics they used to increase users, revenues and profits. In each episode, I'll interview entrepreneurs, startup founders, and industry leaders about how they came up with their business or product idea, what they did to get it off the ground, and the marketing and growth strategies they used to grow.
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Go and Grow Podcast - learn how entrepreneurs, startup founders, and industry leaders launch and grow products and companies



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Mar 29, 2016

Today's guest, Danielle Tate, is Founder & CEO of, author of "Elegant Entrepreneur: The Female Founders Guide to Starting & Growing Your First Company," and a self-confessed "accidental entrepreneur." 

Danielle talks about how MissNowMrs obtained its first customer after only 30 minutes and was profitable from month 1. She tells us the importance of partnerships in growing her company and how entrepreneurship is the pathway for women to define success.

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Mar 25, 2016

I recently ran an experiment to see if I could blog for 30 consecutive days to see if it could become a habit. 

You can read more about why I did it here.

I had fun and learned a lot, which you can read about here.

Thanks for listening! 

Mar 22, 2016

Today's guest, Alex Berman, is the Chief Marketing Sumo for InspireBeats, a Lead Generation, Lead Research, and Personalized Prospecting Solution for Startups. Alex is responsible for generating over $21 million dollars in B2B leads. He and the team at InspireBeats have sent over 1 million cold emails to create leads for startups and software-as-a-service companies in the last two years.

Alex is going to tell us why e-mail isn't dead, how he acquires leads and customers through cold e-mails, the secret to sending a cold e-mail, and how to identify the buying signals of your desired customers.

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Mar 15, 2016

Today's guest, Robin Zander, has an incredibly unique background. He is an author, educator and strategist who holds titles such as Director of Design for Dance, Member of the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab, and an Acrobat for the San Francisco Opera. He was formerly the Director of Operations of Socos LLC, founder of Move Autism and Producer at V.I. Creative.

With a diverse background ranging from management consulting to circus performance, he has spent his career working with individuals and companies to improve performance. Through his podcast, The Robin Zander Show, he interviews exceptional performers from industries as diverse as the arts, technology, and healthcare to understand how individuals and organizations can accelerate performance.


We're going to learn why Robin prioritizes service, how to apply meta learning to improve human performance, how data can be applied to growth, and how technology fosters collaboration between disparate disciplines.

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Mar 8, 2016

Today's guest, Paul Jarvis, is a freelancer evangelist and founder of Creative Class, an online class that teaches freelancers how to run their businesses better. Creative Class has over 1700 students and counting, and it has accrued over $300,000 to date.

We're going to learn how Paul launched a small course then scaled it over time, strategies for content marketing, the importance of continually marketing content, and tips for building your own online course.

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Mar 1, 2016

Today's guest, Ryan Buckley, is a serial entrepreneur who has started (and folded) several companies. He is co-founder and Head of Partnerships at, a marketplace for writing and original content focused on helping marketing and sales teams run faster and more efficiently.

We're going to learn how Ryan pivoted his business, turned his former customers into Scripted's content supply, designed hugely successful e-mail marketing campaigns, and calculated his customer acquisition costs and lifetime value (see Show Notes for the calculations) that led to raising more than $14 million in venture capital.

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